The Waystation (South Korea)

29min, Drama, Korea


In rural Korea, Min-hyuk returns to his hometown with the intent to help his father, a retired train operator, whose campaign against the closure of the local train station has become complicated by his early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Min-hyuk’s relationship with his father is strained throughout the film by the death of his mother as a child. As his father’s memory and confusion worsen, Min-hyuk begins to understand why his father behaved so coldly on the days following his mother’s death and what the train truly means to him.

Jeollabukdo Culture and Arts Promotion Grant, South Korea, 2010
Jeonju Film Commission; Independent Film Incubation Grant, South Korea, 2010
Jeonju International Film Festival; Local Cinema Selection, South Korea, 2011
Cine Rail International Film Festival; International Short Film Competition, France, 2011