Signal Fire (Canada)

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Sept 14, 2019 – Jan 5, 2020 at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham

*Screening (up-to-date):
Kingston Canadian Film Festival (2020, Canada)
Reelworld Film Festival (2020, Canada)
Forest City Film Festival (2020, Canada)

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Genre/Runtime/Production Country: Drama, 8 min 45 sec, Canada

Language: Cantonese, English (English Subtitle)

Format: UHD (2:1), Colour, ProRes, 5.1 ch+Stereo

Logline: At a loss for communication, a young man accompanies his stoic traditional Chinese father-in-law to visit a loved one’s grave.

Synopsis: A young man accompanies his stoic Chinese father-in-law to visit a loved one’s grave. When they begin to pay their respects, the young man soon realizes how little he knows about traditional Chinese practices and ends up closing the distance between his father-in-law and himself. This film looks at the gaps within intergenerational knowledge and wonders how one might find connection.

Theme: The differences in experience and perception between an older Chinese immigrant generation and those raised Chinese-Canadian from birth. The film attempts to examine a single aspect of Markham’s identity with an eye towards the humour in misunderstandings and the longing for home/lover.

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor: Alice Shin
Co-producer: Eiko Brown
Story Developer: Ian Hynd
DoP: Tomasz Kurek
Set Designer: Shiori Haba
Hair/Make Up: Ritsuko Watari (W Style)
Cast: Adam Chan, Aries Cheung
Post Production: Red Lab, Textures Sound

*Featured image on the top: Alice Il Shin, Signal Fires, 2019. Installation view, Tout-Monde: Markham, Varley Art Gallery of Markham, 2019. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid