Haru’s New Year (on-going)

Logline: A newly immigrated Japanese girl wants to make friends in her new school, but struggles with speaking English. The moment she gives up on communication, she is given a new opportunity.

Introduction of Project: The film follows a young Japanese immigrant to Canada dealing with isolation and loneliness in a new land. Haru, the main character, has difficulty reaching out to the other students in her new middle school. Haru feels embarrassed and frustrated all day long on her first day. The moment Haru gives up on communication, an eccentric girl named Frances appears to Haru. Haru shares her feelings with Frances at the end of the day.

Theme: The beauty of tender souls blooming, through the acceptance of people for who they are.

*Pitch Competition Winner: Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2017

*Casting Call for Japanese Teenage Girl and Japanese Middle Age Male: Project Description **Please contact Alice Shin (alice.shin526@gmail.com)**